While doing this project, lots of interesting and somewhat relevant photraphy articles would pop-up in my newsfeeds, be it Google New or Facebook, and I made a point of collecting the links.

A Guardian Article on Under the Influence, Dominic Hawgood's recent photographic work exploring African Christian Evagelism.

A Guardian Article looking at the cliches of conflict photography. In links some what to the Documentary Photography Traditions.

A Guardian Article on Open Road Photography, mostly focused on American photographers and more towards the Documentary.

An article on camera phones, possile links to personal photography.

A Guardian article on modern street photography.

An article on the instagram generation and plagerism, the Ice Berg incident.

An article regarding the most selling of a photograph becomig the most expensive photograph and an attack on photography as an art form.

And an article in response argue against it, that photgraphy is an art form.

The Family Ties Network, which links to family photography.

A lecture/essay on the nature of construction in documentary photography.